Information for Parents


There are four payment dates with varying amounts.

The final amount has not yet been determined because costs for airfare, ground transportation, and our events in Helsinki have not been finalized, we will share these as soon as possible. Of course, ongoing fundraising efforts and sponsorships will help keep the player costs down.

  • Payment by check only
  • Checks payable to Haverford Hawks
  • Note preferred email for receipt in the memo section, one will be sent in the following days.

Payment Collection Dates


  • Airfare is roughly $1,100 / person
  • Prices may fluctuate (fuel surcharges, taxes, etc.)
  • The price includes one (50 lb) checked bag, one carry-on bag, and one personal item


  • DO NOT WAIT… get them NOW!
  • The names you provide to us for your airline ticket must match EXACTLY how you have your name on your passport. Pay special attention to nicknames and middle names or initials.
    Example: “John T. Doe” and “John Doe” are different and will not work.
  • Your passport must be valid for six months from the return date of our trip: October 9, 2023. They will not let you travel to Finland if it expires before that date.

Additional Details from Finnair

  • Sports equipment is considered a standard bag if it weighs no more than 23kg (50lb) and its external dimensions (length + width + height) are no bigger than 158cm (62in). Some exceptions apply to golf bags, hockey and skiing equipment, and surfboards, but if your equipment exceeds the standard measurements, you can take it with you for an extra charge.
  • Hockey sticks are counted as a separate piece of baggage when carried separately, so your hockey equipment would be checked in as two pieces of baggage (hockey bag + sticks). If you have multiple sticks, they can be taped together and counted as one piece of baggage.
  • You may not tie hockey sticks with a strap or tape to the outside of the equipment bag. If a hockey stick does not fit inside the baggage, it will be considered extra baggage, and an extra bag charge applies.
  • Finnair will charge an extra baggage fee if you need more bags than are included in your checked baggage allowance.
  • Because we are traveling with Finnair only, you may pay in advance for up to three additional bags or sports equipment within the measures and weight of a standard bag.
  • When you pay the fee online in advance, it will cost you less than at the airport.
  • You can read more about extra baggage fees on the Finnair website.
  • A “heavy bag charge” applies to baggage that weighs 23–32kg (50–70lb) and/or has maximum dimensions of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75in x 29.5in x 25.5in). You can only pay thIs heavy bag charge at the airport.
  • Some special items, for example, wheelchairs exceeding the maximum measures, may be accepted with prior approval from the airline. All other baggage exceeding the maximum measures or weight (with the exception of pet containers) can only be transported as cargo.


There are four payment dates with varying amounts. Please see the payment schedule and drop-off dates to the left.

Travel Dates

Thursday, March 30
(arriving March 31)
Sunday, April 9, 2023


Flight information and ground transportation details will be added here ASAP.


Hilton Helsinki Strand
John Stenbergin ranta 4
00530 Helsinki

To make reservations: click here.
Booking code: G2PHIA 


Visit the FAQ page for ongoing question and answer updates.

Email with your questions not answered on this page or the FAQ page.

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